where in the world is diana spitzers?

i haven't kept one of these in awhile, mostly because livejournal is my online journal of choice, but there are things that I can't really write about there, so here I am. this blog will be sort of a mix of a place for me to rant and a music blog. for the past year or so i've listened to a lot of plan-it-x bands. not sure why, other than the rawness and politics appeal to me, but beyond that i guess i sort of idealize these folks for really living, really just giving jobs and work and capitalism the finger and making music because they want to. it's hard to say what my favorite plan-it-x band is. my audioscrobbler stopped working a long time ago, but if it still did, i have a feeling that it would still be a tie between Pretty Hot and Ghost Mice. the former because i like bands with female leads, and Pretty Hot has this energy that even Pretty Girls Make Graves doesn't have. the latter because there is probably nothing better than acoustic folk punk that is meant to be accessible, easy to play, and completely genuine. and it is. lucky for me, they just released a split together. unlucky for me, i can't figure out how to put money in my paypal account so that i can get it. :(

Two songs for your listening pleasure:
Ghost Mice: Boy Meets Girl
Pretty Hot: Carlisle


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