Fact: Against Me! still has it

Except for the glaring omission of "Baby, I'm an Anarchist," which really left a big conceptual hole in the show (though I assume was deliberate), they continued to rock in the satisfyingly dirty way that only Against Me! can rock. The setlist was mostly from New Wave, but I haven't listened to that album as much so I can't tell if there were major songs left out. I will say, though, despite defending this band through all the backlash and accusations of selling out, I thought New Wave was one of the weaker albums until last night. The sheer force of "Borne on the FM Waves" performed live, even without Tegan, made me cry. That is, until a crowd surfer kicked me in the face. Which was still awesome.

The show was kind of weird because Ted Leo is the band AM! is touring with. I never really got Ted Leo, and I still don't, though his sense of humor is pretty awesome. There was a surprisingly small fratboy douchebag presence at this show, which was the first in awhile. I'm not really one to impose authenticity on others, but you could really tell from the crowd that AM! still has large portions of their originally dedicated fanbase--I recognized people from the other times I've seen them in this city.

Anyways, I haven't dropped off the earth. School is just a lot harder than I expected it to be, so I'll try to post more regularly once I settle into a more consistent schedule.

Have you read this interview with Stephin Merritt in the Village Voice? Highlights include:

-The next TMF album will be the third non-electro-pop album in a row. It is currently in recording.
-The French shoe company that made the Stephin Merritt shoe hasn't sent him so much as a shoelace
-"Smash the European Union...I want my shoes. Destroy the world. Goodbye."

Back to work.


Blogger Charles said...

Yeah, seriously. It turns out school is a lot of work.

The "smash the European Union" thing was awesome.

Also, Ted Leo is pretty good.

7:05 PM  

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