2/7/09: The Submarines at the DU

This was a really exciting show for me, because I needed this kind of undying and adorable optimism in my life, especially now that everything is getting super busy and out of control.

First, there was a xylophone covered in pink daisies. Then there was a drumset with white daisies. Then there was Blake in Swedish pigtail braids and a cute little sailor dress. Then there was John, who is a thousand times hotter in real life, with the kind of dimples that are about 3 inches long and. And then they would seriously gaze into each other's eyes with these goofy smiles. It was out of control.

And then there was music. The setlist was to be expected-- a lot of new stuff to appeal to the crowd, and just a couple of songs (but really the best ones) from Declare a New State. My enjoyment of "Vote" was disrupted by DancingFurryRussianHatBro on my right and SeizureFlailingBro on my left, but I'm not complaining too much. At least the rest of the bros knew to keep to themselves. Or they didn't want their ugly polos to get sweaty. And yes, I actually did hear an entire exchange about a couple that discovered the Submarines from the iPod commercial. Ironic, given what that song is about. I'm tired and have had so much cute overload today that I can't stand it. Actually I can.

<3 u submarines.


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