Troy Davis Update

I've posted about Troy Davis a couple of times recently and have been following the case from the edge of my seat.

Yesterday brought good news of an epic victory .

From the SCOTUS blog:

"The Supreme Court, over two Justices’ dissents, on Monday ordered a federal judge in Georgia to consider and rule on the claim of innocence in the murder case against Troy Anthony Davis (In re Davis, 08-1443) The Court told the District Court to “receive testimony and make findings of fact as to whether evidence that could have been obtained at the time of trial clearly establishes [Davis'] innocence.”"

And, more importantly:

"The Court has never ruled on whether a credible claim of “actual innocence” justifies extraordinary remedies in federal court, when a state conviction is involved. Davis’ case may well test that issue, as it moves through the federal courts again."

Of course, all of this just means that he will get to present more evidence, not that he'll win, but even these small delays in his execution have to mean something. Hope you'll keep Troy Davis in your thoughts in the coming weeks and months.


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