man is a man which manhandles mankind

I don't listen to a lot of hip hop, but about a year ago I went to see Sage Francis with Karim and some of his friends from out of town, and we saw the Sol iLLaquists of Sound open for him (along with Jared Paul). This was about the same time that I started getting into anti-folk, so it was a weird contrast and I didn't know if I'd like it, but I seriously had as much, if not more fun than I'd had at any punk shows until that point. There was this clarity and eloquence in hip hop that was very much lacking in a lot of what I had been listening to, and I will admit that I was swept away. I guess we all have a lot of stereotypes about what hip hop is. I know I did, despite having studied it academically and politically. Hip hop doesn't have to be about misogyny or money. It could be incredibly pure and beautiful and inspire strength and solidarity.

Karim saw the Sol iLLaquists again while I was at the NDT, and came home raving about their new song, which he claimed to be the most perfect song in existence. I've listened to it a lot since then, and I'm not sure if it is the most perfect song in existence, I think it does express what is at the heart of my new perception of hip hop. Besides having a ton of energy, talking crazy fast, and having a really unique sound, they have something else: a perfect harmony between very rich female and male voices. Aside from that, this song is ideologically committed to that idea. I'll let you listen to the lyrics yourself, but I will say that if there was ever meant to be an anthem of equality of the sexes, this is it.

Sol iLLaquists of Sound: Your Turn


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