classics...or not?

The new ratatat album, Classics, is almost out (although I snagged an advance copy), and it has really delivered on all of my expectations.

I know I only really write about bands I like, but ratatat is seriously in my top 3 or so most listened to bands of all time. Check out my audioscrobbler if you don't believe me. Their s/t album is definitely my music of choice in any work environment, and is probably the one really repetitive album that I really enjoy. In fact, I have 2 copies of the album on my itunes so that I can listen to each song twice. That good, yeah.

Classics is much lighter/not as dark as its predecessor. There are a lot more experimental beats and the ranges are definitely more expansive. The high notes are especially exultant when they get there, and they don't seem to rely on as much bass as the previous album.

Two songs really stand out to me:

Tacobel Canon

Since a bunch of other folks posted it already, I won't do it here, but it is definitely dynamic. It starts with these almost creepy swishy sounds, like wet rags stuck to someone's feet, layed over an almost digital purring. This song makes me picture a very tall belabored giant swinging a wet bag of rice over his shoulders to one side, then the other, as someone plays bagpipes in the background. There is something uncharacteristically pretty about it, despite the odd sounds used for the arrangement.


This one starts out with a pretty quick and catchy beat. It then it gets kind of low and sweet. "Gettysburg" is a good example of why this band's repetition is not only bearable, but can be listened to on repeat pretty much forever.


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