Big changes are coming in my life, and I am trying to coax them along by learning to let go of things on which I've become reliant. So, today, I deactivated my facebook account and I am going on a month-long technology fast. I will still check email, though hopefully not as regularly, and I will not be posting very often. I don't imagine that this will be hard, since I post so irregularly now as it is, but it is the principle of the thing.

I'm going to take a break from my laptop, listen to records the old fashioned way (and tapes too, since I just realized I have a bunch of those in a box under my bed).

I am going to watch old TV shows on VHS instead of crappy reality TV that I watch all day for cultural literacy reasons.

I am not going to watch TV while I work on my laptop. I am going to stop charging my ipod.

I am going to roll down my car windows and listen to the sounds of the city instead of Coral Fang on repeat for hours and hours and hours (what I usually do when I feel so unsettled).

Hopefully I will emerge from all of this refreshed, though I'm sure internet detox, like any other kind of detox, is painful and unpleasant.

The Devil is Electric: Relax, It Will Be Over Soon
Ghost Mice: Sing Out


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