Random angry musings for today

I am refusing to watch the LOST premiere because I have dinner plans in an hour and don't want to get up and leave in the middle of it. The rain outside is also exceedingly gross and thick for a semi-warm January night, making me want to skip my dinner plans and stay home to watch LOST. Since I am incapable of making decisions, I am going to go with the pre-planned plans, and watch LOST another time.

This afternoon, I went suit shopping because I have some interviews coming up. I hate shopping and I hate suits. About halfway through the mall (I hate malls), I was about ready to give up. The usual suspects did not have anything remotely interview-appropriate.

Aside: WHEN did Austin Powers start designing clothes for J. Crew? And WHY was J. Crew playing Girl Talk? And WHY was Abercrombie playing CHER? I didn't go into Abercrombie. I've actually never been inside of one, and would like to keep it that way. I could just hear the music from about 1500 feet away.

I emerged with the worst suit ever. Hopefully, I will not ever be seen in it outside of interviews. Ever. Hopefully I will find a better suit, magically, in the next few days, and not even have to wear it. I hate that stupid suit. I hate the stupid shoes I have to wear with the stupid suit. I hate the stupid rain.

Since I haven't posted MP3's in awhile, some songs I listened to today to relieve some anger:

Islands: The Arm
The Pharmacy: Comic Book
Evangelicals: Here in the Deadlights


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