Post-Distortion post I

I am pretty busy/need to listen to Distortion a bunch more before I can write a review. Hopefully by Tuesday. Until then, a few observations:

1. I accidentally played the album backwards (by track listing), which produced quite a different effect. A few years ago, someone posted an interview to Stephinsongs about SM playing around with track listings and I've done that myself with a couple of the albums. I'm still working on a full re-track-listing of 69 Love Songs. Anyways, try it backwards. "Courtesans" and "Zombie Boy" build the whole thing up pretty nicely, and "Three Way" is sort of a happy ending. :)

2. Many many thanks to Wuxtry, who saved me a promo copy of Distortion to tide me over until Amazon got their stuff together and sent me the copy I originally ordered. You would think pre-ordering would mean that it would get there on time, but, if not for Wuxtry, I would have had to wait another week, at least.

Have a good weekend. Mine is going to be brutally unfun.


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