total void tells me stories/ sometimes they make me sorry

I've learned more in the last two weeks about how topsy-turvy life can be than in the last three months combined. It has gotten to be comical, even, how tragic things can happen alongside other moments of extreme joy or pride. I guess what I've learned is that loss and vulnerability are sprinkled all over everything else to make life and the world seem more real. I can feel devastated but my life still has value, and at least I feel something, which, I guess, is all I can really ask for. Beneath all of the stupid human drama of relationships and friendships and things that don't quite fit into either one, there are a few things that are still authentic and worth saving because nothing else even compares to how complete they make you feel.

A few songs that have probably changed my life, for better or for worse, the last two weeks:

Islands: Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby
Beulah: Maroon Bible
Julie Delpy: Mr. Unhappy


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