Best of '07: Songs

This list could easily have consisted entirely of songs from The Stage Names, but in the spirit of fairness to others, here are my top 10 for the year. I could have done more but I'm not much of a single-song kind of person. I prefer to listen to whole albums as single units . Anyways, I have taken the soundtrack-to-my-life approach to this one, as I did last year with my best albums of '06, and I'm pretty happy with what all of these songs have done for me:

1. Stars: Take Me to the riot
2. Beirut: A Sunday Smile
3. Okkervil River: A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene
4. Michael Cera and Ellen Page's cover of The Moldy Peaches' Anyone Else but You
5. The Good Life: So Let Go
6. Blonde Redhead: 23
7. Tullycraft: Georgette Plays a Goth
8. Black Kids: I'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you
9. Cloud Cult : Take Your Medicine
10. Laura Veirs: Pink Light


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