I love Michael Cera part II

You wouldn't believe how many women my age have a crush on this kid...Not that I am much older or anything, but, you know. Anyways, there is possibly an Arrested Development movie in the makings, which is quite exciting. And, browsing through a few Best of '07 movie lists, Juno is near the top of a lot of them, including #1 for Paste Magazine. I have mixed feelings about Paste because it kind of sucks, but so many of my friends have worked there so I can't really say bad things about it. The list doesn't look so bad. It definitely includes a couple that will make it on my top 5, which I will hopefully post in the next few days while I avoid working on my top 20 albums of the year.

Also, in the best news EVER (no, really), Marjane Satrapi has made a Persepolis animated movie, which I am squirming in my chair to see. It's in French but there are English subtitles, and the whole thing is in black and white. If you haven't read Persepolis I and II, they are the autobiographical story of Satrapi's exile from Iran as a young girl during the Revolution, and of her eventual return after living in Europe. The making of the film was apparently quite a feat. You can watch the video about it on the website, but basically, they brought back paper/felt tip animation to France, which hadn't happened in 20 years. At my thesis defense, my advisor pointed out that the drawing aesthetic feels a lot like Madeleine. That is probably true, though Persepolis is decidedly more French than German/Austrian. I'm going to try to catch it in LA when I'm there in January. Check it out in New York or LA on December 25, 2007.


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