Happy Unturkey Day!

Despite its ultra-colonialist roots, Thanksgiving is a good opportunity for veg*ns to show off awesome food that doesn't have to contain Turkey, Ham, or Turducken (gross!). For that reason, it is the only traditional holiday that I actually celebrate from time to time (among Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc). It is also the holiday that is surrounded by a lot of radical, anti-consumption activism, like Adbusters' Buy Nothing Day.

So in the spirit of celebrating life and family and friends and all kinds of warm fuzzy things, some gifts for a happy day of non-animal consumption:

The track listing for the new Magnetic Fields album, Distortion, from The Music Slut.

'California Girls'
'Old Fools'
'Xavier Says'
'Mr Mistletoe'
'Please Stop Dancing'
'Drive On, Driver'
'Too Drunk To Dream'
'Till The Bitter End'
'I'll Dream Alone'
'The Nun's Litany'
'Zombie Boy'

And, a few songs for today:

Mike Park: Thankful All the Same
Ghost Mice: Free Pizza for Life
Operation: Cliff Clavin: I Used to Be a Meateater

Lastly, if you have $20 to spare, you should Adopt a Turkey. Today's turkey farms are some of the worst factory farms, and today's turkeys are some of the most genetically manipulated farm animals. Most turkeys are killed before they reach 14-18 weeks. Even "organic" and "free-range" turkeys are mutilated, de-beaked, and all kinds of mean things. Just say no to eating turkeys!!!


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