"We are stars and so are you; we are stars and so are you"

Stars were magnificent. They had more energy than I thought they would, with cute little Amy Millan bouncing around the stage and/or crowd surfing, and the equally adorable Torquil Campbell showing off all of his 80's dance moves. Compared to the hundred or so other bands I've seen in the last five years, Stars were sooo excited to be there and amazed that they had such a packed house.

I've heard a lot of people complain about In Our Bedroom After the War and I was probably one of them. Hearing most of the songs performed live has probably moved it up a few ranks in my best of '07 list. There is so much energy lost in production, which is saying a lot because production is one of the things I think the album definitely got right. And the Variety Playhouse kind of had a not-so-good soundperson tonight. But that is neither here nor there. They started and ended strongly. I was hoping they'd start with a slower song but "Take Me to the Riot" was the obvious choice for a starter. The flashing lights nearly gave me a seizure (in a good way). "Window Bird" was probably the best song of the night; it was almost too light and ethereal to handle. All in all, there was a lot of dancing and awesomeness that made me want to take them home with me. I was lucky enough to catch one of the flowers they hurled into the audience. Who knew a carnation could make a girl so happy?

Magnet, the opener, is a beautiful Norwegian man who looks like Russell Crowe, and plays a sad guitar while telling beautiful stories. His website describes him as a trabadour, and that he is-the dark, mysterious kind you fall in love with.

Magnet: Little Miss More or Less (from his website)

p.s. the trumpet is officially the best instrument ever invented.


Blogger Katherine said...

Amy crowd surfed?!

11:59 AM  
Blogger aimi said...

yes, and it was awesome. she did it for just long enough to bounce back onto the stage and start singing again.

8:57 PM  

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