You paint yourself while I feel all the noise

The last time I was really into Radiohead, I was an angry 15 year old, dead to the world, yet feeling as invincible as ever, and recently "over" my Smashing Pumpkins phase. Oh yeah, I was really cool. No longer relating to that self that once was, I really didn't think I'd get into In Rainbows. I was kind of right. It wasn't even that I was underwhelmed, which I was. It was more that it wasn't a sound I could really relate to anymore.

All of the elements I usually like are there: synth, slow dreamy emotional vocals, a couple of good build ups, but I really have no desire to listen to someone whose voice sounds like a muted banshee. I guess I understand why there is so much hype surrounding the album, but I don't ever really want to listen to it again. It isn't even that it is hauntingly unpleasant like its predecessors. I'm actually glad that Radiohead has shed some of their creepiness. The main reason I'm just not feeling In Rainbows is that its so boring. It feigns maturity by speeding things up a bit, combining more guitar and jazzy riffs with slower piano tracks, but its ultimately not very refined. It does not move me the way I want to be moved. It makes me feel stuck in a moment in which I do not want to be suspended.

Waste of money? Probably not, since you essentially set your own price. But I really don't get what all the hype is about. At all.


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