Let me sing you a waltz; out of nowhere, out of my thoughts

So so busy but my list of albums to write about is getting wayyyy to long and I need a distraction. Here's what I've been enjoying lately (besides Julie Delpy, who I can't seem to get enough of):

Stars in Coma's Moonshine Heights EP and Transformation single. Andre was nice enough to ship these to me all the way from Sweden. I'm so impressed by him and his songwriting capabilities, but mostly by the production quality of everything he does (all by himself no less).

The Ghost Mice/Andrew Jackson Jihad split, which I mentioned back in April, doesn't really sound like a split. Andrew Jackson Jihad really Ghost Mices it up, and even covers "Lightening Bolt" '04's Debt of the Dead. Buy the split from Plan-It-X.

Explosions in the Sky's All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone. Definitely in the heavy work rotation, as good as usual, but maybe too familiar. I listen to it a lot but even the first time, I felt like these were songs I'd listened to for years. Still not sure if that is a good or bad thing. On a related note, I watched a few episodes of that TV show, Friday Night Lights, based on the movie by the same name, and hearing the movie soundtrack (which was done by Explosions in the Sky) on TV kind of freaked me out because it conjured up memories of hours of work while listening to it. So I stopped watching it.

Junior Senior's Hey Hey My My Yo Yo totally warrants an "omg." It isn't nearly as unintentionally funny as D-D-Don't Stop the Beat but still totally rocks in a way that only people like me, who refuse to dance to anything that isn't utterly hilarious, can understand. It also makes me yearn for another Har Mar Superstar album.

Not at all funny, but totally beautiful in every way is Nina Nastasia (who graces the tops of my last.fm charts) and Jim White (who I really know nothing about)'s You Follow Me. It is not as mysterious as NN's earlier albums and definitely has more souther folk rock influence, though the sort of complicated classic guitar riffs contrast nicely with the percussion. And her voice is as pristine as ever.

I had a few more to do but they'll have to wait for now.


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