Dear Pitchfork,

STFU. I really doubt you think that Plan-It-X is "excellent," as evidenced by the fact that you do not even know what to call them. Yeah, yeah, I still miss Against Me!'s PIX days, but I doubt you really know anything about that. "In a post indie-rock world where the Decemberists and Death Cab for Cutie and even Mastodon were cheered for making the major label leap, Against Me! became the first band of the 21st Century to actually succeed at selling out." What does that even mean? Why don't you give yourself a pat on the back for pointing out that a band may have signed a record deal to make some money. I don't see you chiding Bad Religion for their Clear Channel tour or Anti-Flag for their support of seriously mainstream, anything-but-radical electoral politics. Let's be serious-it really is just music after all. Few people, even the folks at Plan-It-X expect it to change anything, why can't you just sit back and enjoy it like the rest of us? I really don't know why I am so angry about this, except that I think there is just a point at which pointing fingers and calling bands out for selling out is totally useless. Even anti-capitalists care about and need money. Sometimes that means they produce albums that aren't distributed as hand labeled CDs with Xeroxed liner notes. Is that really so bad?

You should obviously still buy the new Against Me! record on No Idea, unless you think that is really just a front for Warner Bros. evil empire, too.


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