Small towns mix

I'm spending most of my summer on college campuses in extremely small towns. Although I've recently enjoyed the cute towny-ness of new urbanism in the city, I've never experienced anything quite like the quaint storefronts, holiday celebrations, and the quiet stillness of summer nights in a rural small town. It all makes me feel like I’m from the “big city,” where nothing is so spread out and everything is bright and constantly flashing.

In the spirit of celebrating the stillness and quiet, and in lieu of some of the other mixes I planned on making but never got around to, I threw together a few songs as a soundtrack to my small town summer. Mostly just a bunch of folk songs I like, and a few other things that make me miss my record player.

1. Sufjan Stevens: all the trees of the fields will clap their hands
2. Yo La Tengo: I Feel Like Going Home
3. Beat Happening: Indian Summer
4. Saturday Looks Good to Me: All Over Town
5. Belle & Sebastian: Waiting for the Moon to Rise
6. Stars in Coma: Life without the community
7. Devendra Banhart: Poughkeepsie
8. The Album Leaf: The Outer Banks
9. The Finches: A Stranger Song
10. Nina Nastasia: So Little
11. Beulah: Slo-Mo for the Masses
12. Josephine Foster: Three Day Days
13. Grandaddy: Everything Beautiful is Far Away
14. The Decembrists: Summersong
15. Belle & Sebastian: My Wandering Days are Over
16. Jack Rose: Mountaintop Lamento
17. All-Time Quarterback: Sock Hop
18. Erin Tobey: Secret Letters
19. Hope Sandoval: Lose Me on the Way
20. The Magnetic Fields: Railroad Boy


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