Lazy summer songs

I've always lived in fairly warm places. This has sometimes made summers unbearable, but summer is generally my favorite season. I currently live in a place with a fairly mild climate year-round. Winters aren't too cold, summers aren't too hot, and spring and autumn are nearly perfect. There are three things I love about summer and I'm working on mixes for all of them. The first is the laziness and quietude the season brings. Everything slows down. People go on picnics, frequent parks in the afternoons, and take long naps.

So here is my ode to lazy summers. In the spirit of laziness, I'm not uploading any mp3s, but I might eventually put them all into a zip file one of these days. When I get around to it.

Lazy Summer Songs

1. Beat Happening: Indian Summer (from Jamboree)
2. Belle & Sebastian: A Summer Wasting (from Boy with the Arab Strap)
3. The Decembrists: Summersong (from The Crane Wife)
4. Devendra Banhart: When the Sun Shone on Vetiver (from Rejoicing in the Hands)
5. The Good Life: [june] Under a Honeymoon (from Album of the Year)
6. Grandaddy: Summer Here Kids (from Under the Western Freeway)
7. Hope Sandoval: Butterfly Mornings (from Bavarian Fruit Bread)
8. Iron & Wine: Passing Afternoon (from Our Endless Numbered Days)
9. The Magnetic Fields: Parades Go By (from 69 Love Songs v. 1)
10. The Magnetic Fields: The Village in the Morning (from Holiday)
11. Matty Popchart: The Sun Lights Strong (from Good Old Water)
12. Neutral Milk Hotel: Oh Comely (from In the Aeroplane Over the Sea)
13. Nina Nastasia: Bird of Cuzco (from On Leaving)
14. Regina Spektor: Summer in the City (from Begin to Hope)
15. Rise Against: Swing Life Away (from Siren Song of the Counter Culture)
16. Saturday Looks Good to Me: All our Summer Songs (from All Our Summer Songs)
17. Yo La Tengo: The Summer (from Fakebook)
18. Kings of Convenience: Gold in the Air of Summer (from Riot on an Empty Street)
19. The Flaming Lips: It's Summertime (Throbbing Orange Pallbearers) (from Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots)

The next two mixes will be about summer love and summer fun. Enjoy.


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