falling out

I've spent the last week in denial about entering the real world. I have no desire to write anymore, especially not after completing/defending my thesis, graduating, and having no responsibilities for a few months. What will I do? Where will I go? Who will I befriend along the way, and who will stay with me? Everything is so uncertain that I can't stand it. I have this weird yearning for spontaneity and travel, but only if everything here stays the same. Nothing is the same. Nothing is going to stay the same. Everything is going to change and I'm literally going to have to start over all of my relationships and friendships. I don't even know who I am anymore. I am no longer any of the things I once was. Work starts soon so I can't just get up and leave, but I at least have a good couple of weeks planned for myself:

This week I'll be seeing:

-Pretty Girls Make Graves (final tour, one of my all-time favorite bands)
-Laura Veirs (on Nonesuch)
-Against Me! (can you believe they used to be on plan-it-x?)/Cursive (probably favorite saddlecreek band)/Mastadon (who I really don't like that much but they're along for the ride)

Next week:
-Dan Deacon (hilarious. can you hear the aquabats influence?)

Next month:
-Treephort (local nerdcore. totally awesome. reunion tour)

I don't have anything intelligent to say about anything that's been going on in my musical universe lately. Hopefully tomorrow after PGMG.


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