i can't see them but they control my life

Does anyone else use Peel? It's pretty awesome because you can listen to all of the mp3's from your favorite blogs without having to go to the pages individually. If you like a song, you can read the blog post about it, too. You can also listen to things a few times and add them to playlists and things, which makes it a lot more conducive to finding bands you like than simply listening to a song once when you're reading an RSS feed.

Last week, Charles posted about Cloud Cult. I probably listened to "Chemicals Collide" 30-40 times before deciding to buy The Meaning of 8. I've only listened to a few songs from their previous albums but so far the biggest difference I can tell is that they lightened up a bit, took out some of the heavier guitar (like from songs like "Car Crash"). Instead, they've mostly stuck to this sort of ethereal, poppy aesthetic (without sounding too much like the Polyphonic Spree) that makes them really memorable. A couple of their songs feel like Tim Kasher to me, but I can't find any evidence that he was at all involved in them.

from The Meaning of 8:
Cloud Cult: Take Your Medicine
Cloud Cult: Pretty Voice
Cloud Cult: The Girl Underground


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