My ears are ringing in a very good way

It has been awhile, I know. This may be the craziest month of my life, and it's about to get crazier. Fortunately for me, I've gotten to see a lot of good bands over the break.

Tonight was probably the best:

Oppenheimer put on a great show. I love Irish people, just as a general rule. I especially love Irish people who sing in robot voices and have airhorn solos. It was especially cool that they have a song called "Saturday Looks Bad to Me." You can listen to it on their myspace.

Saturday Looks Good to Me played some new stuff and some old stuff. I prefer the old stuff to the new stuff, I would say. Actually, I really just think All Your Summer Songs, the middle record, is the best. Anyway, they sounded good live, despite sounding so different (a bit rougher around the edges).

Asobi Seksu technically was the headliner, though I enjoyed them the least. We left before the set ended. They're a good example of a band that sounds a lot better recorded than live. I still had fun and danced a lot and it was all very epic, but epic is better from a distance than blaring in your ear while there are strobelights flashing and christmas lights everywhere.

I need to go to bed so I'll write more later.


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