My home is wishing me away

I know I haven't posted about music in awhile. I get really distracted by my multiple personal projects, this being one of them, and rarely continue them for this long. I've also kind of been in a weird mood. Nothing I've listened to in the past few weeks has really stayed with me, except for the finches. They've appeared on comp's with Devendra Banhart, Mount Eerie, Eluvium and Six Organs of Admittance, but something about them reminds me of what I imagine would happen if Kimya Dawson actually sounded like she recorded an album in an studio. The comparisons I've heard to Mirah or (2005 not 1970) Vashti Bunyan are probably also appropriate.

From The Six Songs EP (which you can get on their website on vinyl with some pretty art):
-The Road
-Daniel's Song

From their first full-length, Human Like A House:
-House Under the Hill.
My copy is en route in the mail but what I've heard from it definitely reminds me of why I bought a record player.

Check them out at their five million shows in Austin the week of SXSW, or when they come to your town.


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