Rosewater and Cardomom

My roommate and I made these last night. They are the first of many experiments in vegan cupcake baking. We were especially excited about the cupcake texture (not gross or dry like many vegan baked goods often are) and the quality of the buttercream. They also smell like a rose garden.

Some of them had green sparkles like this:

Others we decided to decorate like this:

We made about 18 but ended up with this many after everyone ate them and we donated some to our friends:

The kitchen still smells really good. This is such a perfect springtime cupcake.


Blogger Kade said...

They kinda look like the color of the new rockstar...If by chance, you uncover away to make diet rockstar vegan cupcakes, not only will you become a immortal chef, you will become my hero.

10:20 PM  
Blogger monsters said...

i'll get it on it right away. i could just make sugar free blue cupcakes with hot pink icing. that would be pretty rockstar.

10:24 PM  
Anonymous andy said...

im sad that kade's blog is private

i love your cupcakes aimi, they are amazing.

i had a dream last night that a swarm of robots in the future turned human beings into cupcakes using giant corrugated sheets of steel and stamping all of the liquid out of us and then mixed us with copper and baked us in a volcano. it was chill

1:02 AM  

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