time to dance

Remember all those post-punk dance parties everyone used to have? It's been a long time (or maybe only 2 years). Anyone who says they aren't at least a bit nostalgic for them is either a liar or just didn't get a bad haircut and start wearing skinny scarves that year.

Anyways, a few things to look forward to:

-The new !!! album, Myth Takes, which came out a few days ago. Sadly, the same day as Neon Bible (yes, it has its own wikipedia page), so no one is really writing about it. Listen to some of the album on !!!'s myspace.

-The Faint's new album, forthcoming in the fall on Saddle Creek. The first time I heard Wet from Birth was a Saturday. I remember picking up the package. I didn't stop dancing until the next Friday or so. It has lost some of its novelty over the years, but I can't wait for the new one.

The Faint: I Disappear, from Wet From Birth
And a really weird remix

-The Thermals tonight. Who doesn't dance to the Thermals? You don't dance to the Thermals? I dance to the Thermals. More on that tomorrow.

In other news:

-I wrote about The Fratellis awhile ago. They finally did their own video for "Flathead." Watch it here. It...really doesn't rock that hard at all. It rips off the iTunes commercial a bit, but it's just really slow and boring for such a dynamic song. And the inclusion of the girls is a little bit pervy. You be the judge. You can watch the iTunes commercial here.


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