i saw you one time at the back of the club, chewing on glass and a ticket stub

The Fratellis are three brothers (I think) from Glasgow. You might have noticed them on some recent iTunes ads. I usually kind of hate commercials with stupid dancing people--like that Intel Core 2 Duo ad, but these two really work for me because the music is so appropriate. Listening to the Fratellis actually does make you dance like that. I've only listened to the Flathead EP so far, but those four songs were enough for a one-woman dance party, complete with arm flailing, the likes of which I haven't participated in since the first time I listened to This Bike is a Pipe Bomb's Dance Party With....

You can listen to a few older songs on their Myspace page, or head on over to iTunes to buy them. You can also hear Flathead, probably their best song, on the Apple ad.


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