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Speaking of folks from Jersey, Greg Attonito of the Bouncing Souls recorded a track on P.O.S.'s sophomore album, Audition.

De La Souls combines Attonito's sort of iconic punk voice with Stefon's simultaneous love of hip hop and punk. "Clarity" is the word I most often associate with hip hop I actually like, and there is something about this song that kind of brings together everything I like about punk, too. Some might think it's a weird marriage, as if the rock/hip hop fusion should have ended long ago with Korn or Kid Rock. While I shudder to think that music like that even exists, P.O.S. is emphatically different. A product of years of love for punk rock and a fantastic ability to give clarity to identity politics, Audition might have made it into my favorite albums of this year.

The rest of the album is pretty awesome, too. I first listened to it last night and I've probably listened to the album about 6 times since then. The whole album really effectively experiments with the use of voice. There are really strong guitar rifs mixed with pretty awesome beats throughout. "Half-cocked Concepts" begins the album startingly strongly as a political anthem. Besides "De La Souls," "P.O.S. is Ruining My Life," is probably my other favorite song. The chorus is pretty excellent and the whole song has this raw energy about it that encapsulates all of Stefon's competing influences.

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