No posts for awhile, at least not until I've written about 30 more pages of a seminar paper, finished a major visual rhetoric project, written a chapter of my thesis, and studied extensively for what will probably be the hardest test of my life.

This, however, doesn't mean that everyone else can't procrastinate.

1. Visit Threadless this week and click on "Participate" and then the heart. There are a few contests still open. You can, for instance, design a shirt for The Decemberists, or Fast Food Nation.

2. Browse my favorite Polaroid collective.

3. Watch my favorite performance artist, Miranda July's, Me, You, and Everyone We Know.

4. Read Bad Subjects and the Alternative Press Review.

5. Quit aspartame and think of how much better you will feel in a few days.

6. Check out Liz Prince. She draws awesome comics.


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