Diet Coke Kills

I have decided to quit Diet Coke because I don't want to die. Aspartame just makes me feel so disgusting; I don't know why I keep drinking it. Does anyone have any suggestions for stevia-sweetened drinks? I don't do juice unless I juice it myself or its Arden's Garden. I'm equally freaked out by high fructose corn syrup as I am of aspartame.

To celebrate, my Don't Kill Your Body With Poison mix:

Le Tigre: Don't Drink Poison
X-Ray Spex: Junk Food Junkie
Planet Smashers: Never Gonna Drink [Diet Coke] Again (Sure, the song's about alcohol but that doesn't really apply to me and Diet Coke turns your insides to fromaldehyde.)
The Door-Keys: Dietary Pills

Also, if you haven't seen Kinky Boots go do so immediately. My boyfriend knows an inordinate amount of stuff about the construction of fine men's dress shoes, so he bought it and we watched it last night. Basic plot synopsis: old English Northhampton generations-old shoe business is going bankrupt and decides to manufacture women's shoes for men who like to dress like women. There are these great scenes with all kinds of men [performing femme or not] walking around in thigh-high vinyl boots. Amazing.


Blogger eve said...

Hello to you:) I know what you mean about the aspartame, I finally got my sisters n mom to stop drinking diet soda, it was hard but they finally listened to my advice of living a holistic natural life! Now we use the liquid sweetleaf stevia flavors in water, if you add the stevia drops to sparkling water especially the vanilla cream it tastes like a natural cream soda sweetened with stevia, its great. I also use the vanilla creme flavor in place of vanilla extract in all my baking, it is 2 in 1, vanilla flavor and sweetness. I also grow mint and love adding a fresh lemon or lime, & a few mint leaves to water or sparkling water with a little stevia.

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