when it rains this hard it feels like the sky is crying

I get really depressed when it rains like this. There are literally solid sheets of water falling from the sky. I live on the edge of a forest, though, and it's really beautiful to look outside and watch the rain as it pours down through the trees. On days like this, I drink tea, eat baked things like acorn squash or homemade gingerbread, and take extra long naps.

Having just awoken from one, I am still kind of in a daze, but here are a few songs to keep you company if you're cold and sad like I am:

Nirvana: Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle

I was talking to someone today about Seattle having the highest suicide rate in the country. I have a lot of connections to that city, to Frances Farmer, to Kurt Cobain, and to a number of other things that remind me a lot of this song. It was basically the anthem of my adolescence and I think about it whenever it rains.

Erin Tobey: Dry, Not Wet

Erin Tobey is Matty Popchart's sister. She and Matty used to be in Abe Froman, which is this Plan-It-X band that sounds nothing like this. Erin's S/T album is really awesome and beautiful. She is also really adorable. This song, though bleak, makes me really happy.

Regina Spektor: Apres Moi

I'm seeing Regina this Friday, and I'm really psyched. This song is so quintessentially Regina. It is so dark and rich. There is this coffee shop near my apartment that has this gingerbread latte and in the summer I spent a lot of idle afternoons there staring out of the window and reading and eating their gingerbread man cookies, which are really good because they have white raisens on them. mmmm. I'd listen to Apres Moi on repeat until the traffic died down enough to go into the city.

Bouncing Souls: Lean on Sheena

You know how I feel about this song. It's so sad and delicate, yet energetic and awesome. I play it really loudly in the mornings sometimes to wake myself up. I can't really tell, but it may or may not be about domestic violence, which also makes it sad. :(

Kimya Dawson: Loose Lips

Finally, a cheerful song. Kimya performs this song live quite a bit but didn't record it this year. If you haven't heard this album (or ever had a hug from Kimya Dawson), your life is probably very sad :(


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How did I miss the Bouncing Souls album all year? Great stuff.

9:13 PM  
Blogger aimi said...

that song is a cover but the rest of the album is really good too.

10:03 PM  

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