on the L-train in the morning I was sure I saw Will Oldham

Now that I am back from my month of awfulness, I just wanted to mention a new album I've been listening to. You'd have to be stupid not to notice that I love love love antifolk. I've reviewed Kimya Dawson, Regina Spektor, and I think briefly mentioned Adam Green's new album, but here's another of my favorites. Jeff and Jack Lewis seem to be a bit everpresent in the antifolk movement, having recorded with Kimya and done a few of their own.

The Jeff Lewis Band is Jeff and Jack. Their new album, City & Eastern Songs got a decent review from Pitchfork.

Since I couldn't have said it better myself, here's there review of "Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror," probably the best song on the album:

Why do we even bother? Such questions keep Jeffrey Lewis up nights. On rambling urban-bohemian fantasia "Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror", an L-train-riding Lewis asks Bonnie "Prince" or a sunglass-clad doppelganger whether e-mail interviews and polite critical notices merit turning our dreams into hobbies-- i.e., "Is it worth being an artist or an indie rock star, or are you better off without it?"-- and receives his admittedly lame, possibly sexist answer only after getting violently fucked, Palace-style. This song is witty, self-aware, and preposterous, like Art Brut set loose on hipsterdom with back-porch acoustic guitars.

Lately, I've also been listening to a lot of old stuff. The Distillers, as always. Some Yo La Tengo and Teenage Fanclub.


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