Flowers in the Attic

Has anyone read it? You remember, it's that book from the 80's about the kids who get locked up in the attic by their mom and her fascist parents. The book is so oedipal that it hurts, with tons of incest and other bizarre stuff. I found my copy recently and re-read parts of it. Poorly written does not even begin to describe it, but one thing I did notice was the repeated reference to the Dresden Dolls (the kids, not the band). I happen to really like the band, but the darkness of the reference is somehow lost in the book. The band, however, really brings it to light with their sort of gothic undertones and low, bold melodies.

At any rate, I have to write a paper about the work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction, and the Dresden Dolls won the paper writing music lottery. Here are a couple of links, though:

Official Dresden Dolls website

Their myspace with a couple of new songs you can listen to.


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