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Back in April, when I started this blog, I reviewed two of my favorite bands: Pretty Hot and Ghost Mice. Earlier this year, the two Bloomington, Indiana bands released a split together on Anti-Creative Records. The Pretty Hot half includes re-recordings of Carlisle, Slingshots, and Where In the World Is Diana Spitzers, in addition to three new songs. The Ghost Mice half is all original, as far as I can tell. I'll review each band's contribution separately.

Pretty Hot:

There is definitely a lot more maturity here than we found in the demos, but I feel like they lost some of the melody they once had. The re-releases of Carlisle and Diana Spitzers weren't too exciting, although I really enjoyed this version of Slingshots. Right now, I'm wondering if this half of the album will grow on me if I listen to it a few times (I just got it in the mail this morning). I am a bit disappointed that there weren't more original songs. Pretty Hot has a lot of potential as a band, but I kind of wonder whether it is really very good for all those Bloomington bands to be concentrated in one spot. Sometimes geographical proximity can refine collective music styles, but in this case it might hold Pretty Hot back. I'd like to hear them sound less garage-y and better produced.

Ghost Mice:

Man, oh, man, is this half superb. For a completely acoustic band, Ghost Mice sound amazing. Chris's voice has this clarity that really sets the band apart from a lot of other Plan-It-Xers, and Hannah's violin is every bit as crisp and clear. Although their politics are pretty clear, I feel like most of Ghost Mice's songs have a pretty widespread appeal--there are the social critiques that every angsty teenager can appreciate, and the more grown up "life reflection"-type ballads. There is something timeless about their songs on this split. I can totally imagine elementary school kids rocking out to Ghost Mice just as much as I do.

My wireless is precarious so I might post some songs later. You really should just buy this album. Its like $4 from No Idea Records.


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