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I had quite a splendid day, despite my political inclinations against this holiday. I justify celebrating thanksgiving in the following ways:
1. Freshman year, determined not to celebrate the genocide of indigenous people, I called literally every soup kitchen and other related relief organization in my city and they were all FULL and would not accept new volunteers. Then I found Food Not Bombs and the rest is history.
2. My thanksgivings are always strictly anti-turkey death (and other related animal deaths).
3. Thanksgiving has cultural significance outside of its history, and while it can't be divorced from that history, its meaning can and has changed over time. For me, thanksgiving has always been about my parents' willingness to accept a new culture and its kinship traditions, despite their strict adherance to their other customs and beliefs.

The day was really awesome. We had a couple of our other vegetarian friends over, ate a ton of food, played Cranium and Balderdash for about 3 hours each, and then watched I heart huckabees. Maria and I totally dominated Cranium and then we were head to head at Balderdash for awhile. It was actually a lot more fun than usual because we were playing with grad students who knew a lot of languages. We also ate sooooooo much food. We basically ate from 2 p.m. til 1:30 a.m.

I was going to post a bunch of music we listened to today when we were cooking but I'm really tired, so it will have to wait.

Happy Un-Turkey Day!


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