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I cannot believe I forgot to write about the new !!! album, Myth Takes. I've been incredibly busy the last 6 weeks or so, so sorry for the delay.

Is it better than Louden Up Now or the S/T album? Maybe. It feels really unfamiliar in a lot of ways, which I sort of appreciate, but weirds me out a little bit. "A New Name," for example, has this really strange early 90's pop kind of vibe--even more than I'd expect from an album like this. Parts of it remind me of that video where Paula Abdul falls in love with MC Scat Kat. You know which one I'm talking about. "Sweet Life" is another weird song. It starts really slow and then becomes kind of cluttered and incomprehensible. It ends up sounding more like some really mainstream rock band failing at being experiemental.

It's definitely not all bad, though. I'd say "Heart of Hearts" sounds the most like earlier !!!, except for this weird part around 1:30 that also feels very early 90's. I mean that in the best way possible--I'm probably one of the only people in the world who still appreciates non-grunge music from that period.

Another favorite is "All My Heroes are Weirdos," which is a bit poppier and faster, but less dancey. I appreciate all the variety it includes--especially because it avoids sounding as pretentious as most of the other songs on the album. It's kind of experimental and weird, but at least signals that the band is maturing and developing their sound in ways that are not boring and already done to death.

!!!: Heart of Hearts
!!!: All My Heroes are Weirdos


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