married to my only love and music is my wife

I got this idea in my head that I needed a shirt that said "Music is my girlfriend" on it, so I went searching for one. What I found was much better. Music is my girlfriend is a really cute and little record label that has only existed since 2005, but has some really adorable and awesome bands.

Some highlights:

Annemarie is a sweeter version of the All-Girl Summer Fun Band and a poppier version of the Cocteau Twins. They're from the best city in Indonesia (Java, duh!).
-Bubblegum I See
-The Living Model

Fireflies is a guy named Lisle. His music me so much of Espers that it hurts. He has 3 albums, none of which I can find anywhere. You can hear him on his myspace.

Stars in Coma is very DIY but also reminds me of something very old. Listen and you will understand why.
-I saw my heart passing by

Purchase albums here.

In other news, this week I finally finished the last two episodes of Alias, watched the first season of Heroes, and decided to learn enough French to read texts by December.


Anonymous popkompis said...

Yeah, I really like this label too! Annemarie's album is fantastic!

4:19 AM  

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