*From:* "House of Tomorrow Newsletter " [and posted to The House of Tomorrow by Claudia Gonson]
Date:* Sat, 16 Jun 2007 10:01:36 -0700

> Greetings! It's been a while since the last mailing, so here's an
> update to fill in for the gap. First: the new Magnetic Fields
> album is now planned for release in early 2008. The exact release
> date and album title will be announced shortly, as well as
> information on other Stephin Merritt projects. The Magnetic Fields
> look forward to playing some US shows following the release of the
> record. Meanwhile, Stephin Merritt continues to work on developing
> several new projects in theater, including a stage adaptation of
> Neil Gaiman's children's book, "Coraline."

This may be the best news ever. Although, I was pretty excited about i and it ended up not being my favorite album ever. My favorite thing about TMF is how gracefully they pull of concept albums without being hokey or sentimetal. I can't wait for the release of the new album's title.


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