Paego Paego

There are 3 bands I listen to consistently when I work on anything remotely intellectual: Ratatat, Explosions in the Sky, and Mono. Paego Paego does such a good job of building upon the sound of the latter two that I think I’m going to have to add them into the rotation. Who knew that Dayton, Ohio could produce a band capable with such epic dynamism and grand cadences? As my little run-in with Asobi Seksu demonstrated, epic, when poorly executed, sometimes means drowning in unbearable noise. Paego Paego produces a sound much more graceful, just as worthy of adorning soundtracks to movies and TV shows about football as their predecessors.

Be sure to check out “Self Service Island,” on their Myspace. It starts out sounding like Dan Deacon trying to keep a straight face, transitions into this loud, totally awesome frenzy, and then ends just like it started. Genius.

In other news, Polly pocket is an attempted murderer . It’s actually not funny.


Anonymous Aaron said...

you're pretty harsh on ohio.

6:27 PM  
Blogger aimi said...

i didn't say anything bad about ohio.

7:46 PM  
Blogger D. Greene said...

Dayton actually has a lot of hidden, not well-marketed musical talent. Paego Paego is a lot of fun live too.

You might be interested in Captain of Industry as well as the Squids Eye Record label, who has a few up and coming talented young kids doing some interesting stuff.

Our scene is small but what we lack in size we make up for with heart.

11:36 AM  

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