Movies (I hope are) worth seeing

A few movies caught my attention this week.

The first, La Faute a Fidel (Blame it on Fidel) is about the year in which Charles de Gaulle dies and Salvadore Allende enters office, and a precocious young Catholic girl comes home to France from Spain, only to find her family going crazy, loving communists, and supporting abortion rights. The movie has received fairly good reviews since its US release in June of this year. I'm especially interested in seeing the seemingly backwards dynamic of a child indoctrinated by society re-entering her politically radical family.

The second, which sadly is not showing in my area yet (because it was just released yesterday at Sundance), is Julie Delpy's second directorial effort, 2 Days in Paris. I love everything about Julie Delpy-she's intelligent, beautiful, and sooo liberated. In the movie, Adam Goldberg plays Delpy's American boyfriend, who accompanies her to Paris, meets her eccentric parents, and discovers that she has a few more ex-boyfriends than he expected. The trailer for 2 Days in Paris promises much hilarity, and the sort of American-French contrast most people have come to expect from Delby. Word on the street is that she has a few songs on the soundtrack, just like Before Sunset. Also like Before Sunset, Delpy's real-life parents appear in the film (and seem totally adorable). I can't wait to see it.


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