Your so-called friend doesn't need you

I seriously think my mood is tied to the weather, because I was really sad the last two days when it was raining but today (sunny, 65, totally awesome) I'm in a much better mood, despite everything that has happened.

It still sucks being reminded all the time but its much better when there are no spontaneous tears and whatnot. I guess it helped a little bit that the GRE went well this morning. I've had a lot of time alone to reflect on who I am lately, and I'm really glad to have had it. I've been so focused on work and relationship stuff that I haven't been focusing on myself at all.

Okkervil River: Song of Our So-Called Friend

Also, I finally saw The Darjeeling Limited, which totally rocked my socks off and has a killer soundtrack. The whole thing is just begging to have a paper written about it but that will have to wait until another time.

Finally, in what may be the coolest music-related news of the whole year, the soundtrack for the movie, Juno, is composed almost entirely of songs from Kimya Dawson, The Moldy Peaches, and Antsy Pants. !!!!!! And the movie looks good too.


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