Dear 2003-me:

Come back. I miss how you never cried over stupid things, only super-important-world event things like wars and hurricanes, which were always much more important than whatever was going on in your personal life. I miss how political you were, and idealistic, too. How did you get so lost? Are you hiding somewhere, under a pile of clothes I haven't worn in years, or perhaps between the pages of books I started, but never finished? I can remember the exact day and time that I lost you, when I was suddenly struck with a simultaneous sense of disaster and hope on a cold February day when everything happened really quickly. It was beautiful and dangerous. You lost and forgot me. Where did you go?

More importantly, who are you? I wish I knew, because then I could reunite you with 2007-me and maybe we could be friends. Maybe then I wouldn't feel like I have lost my other half completely because maybe it was just hiding, too.

Beat Happening: In My Memory


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