Best of '07: Album Art

No one appreciates this stuff anymore, what with buying digital music on the internet that you don't actually own and all. I'm much more old fashioned and try to buy as many actual cds as possible, but while that usually means I have to wait longer to receive albums, I do try to take the time to appreciate the album art.

I didn't rank these. They're all good for different reasons.

You can't tell here, but it comes with a hologram viewfinder, and there are all sorts of hidden pictures and words all over the place. Pretty rad.

The photo captures the album so well, and reminds me of the image that appears on almost every cd from The Magnetic Fields. I can't find it anywhere on the internet, but if you own any of them you know what I'm talking about.

Also perfectly captures the album, but I really like the watercolor detail and the movie frame motif.

Best spoof cover ever.

Looks like a palimpsest. Beautiful.

Those brushstrokes are magnificent in the way that they simulate movement in dense, angry waters. I should find out who the artist is, because this is something I would buy and put in my room.


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