Evangelicals 10/9/08

I was dancing when I took these pictures, but I think they capture the mood just right:

Evangelicals were glorious, spooky, gloomy, deliciously dark, and so so much fun. There was so much atmosphere--it felt like everyone and everything in the room was melting into one long, full, deep music note. I wondered if it would have been possible to achieve the same effect in a space that wasn't so small or without the echo in the mics. It didn't matter though--everything was so aesthetically pleasing about this show, including the strobe lights. It made me want to have a Halloween party with zombies. Kind of a weird thing, these guys are friends with my good friends Blake and Conor. Small world. If you haven't heard their newest album, The Evening Descends, do so immediately.

All of the supporting bands were excellent. Parenthetical Girls were really beautiful and amusing, like watching a one-man musical with a band playing in the background. Gesticulations and all. I loved it. I have a fantasy of Zach Condon and Stephin Merritt both joining this band and singing each other songs in the street , maybe making a Takeaway Show.

Some local openers that actually impressed me/that you should check out:
Tealights: They were much more post-rock on stage than their Myspace lets on. There were actually moments during their set when I let out a sigh of relief because I was thinking about when I'd seen Asobi Seksu on the same stage do kind of a similar thing and drown me in horrible horrible noise from which I have never recovered. Way to not drown me in noise, Tealights. And the cello was excellent.

Carnivores , to me, are the kind of band I could listen to forever and ever and ever while jumping up and down and flailing my hair around and never ever get tired. They had a lot more energy and noise live than in the songs on their Myspace. I have a craving for it already, the really deep but subtle kind I get for chili paneer from Bamboo Garden, or for long runs when I am overly energetic.


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