Best Albums of 2008: #15: The Submarines: Honeysuckle Weeks

15. The Submarines: Honeysuckle Weeks

I expected a lot from this album, to be honest, because Declare a New State went so above and beyond my expectations. Honeysuckle Weeks did not quite meet all of these expectations, but that is how these things work. The cuteness trick that seems to work so well for Mates of State (I never managed, btw, to get their newest album but I suspect that it would have made its way onto this list if I had) kind of expired after the first try. Where it isn’t as cute, this album is super girly, in a way that makes my female masculinity feel threatened and grumpy. On top of that, there are those annoying iPhone commercials with “You, Me, and the Bourgeoisie.”

Once I got over being disgruntled at the inherent mainstreaming of everything good in the iTunes/internet age and decided it was okay to let a little bit of sentimental girliness into my life, I actually found Honeysuckle Weeks quite enjoyable to listen to. Conceptually, it is a reminder to have hope even when growing up, responsibility, the sudden disappearance of your significant other, etc. are a depressing reminder of your own mortality. Honeysuckle Weeks came to represent, for me, the part of this year when I changed my attitude, opened myself up, went on long walks in the sun, and learned to sew pretty dresses that I actually enjoyed wearing. Who cares if I am going to die one day, and who cares if I hate shopping malls and douchebag altbros, and most of all, who cares if some of the people I chose to trust were the wrong ones, if it is bright and cool outside and I don’t have to be frustrated at the way my shirts fit because I can make my own? Suddenly, mornings are happy occasions and that dark cloud that hangs over everything has to go find some other poor, brooding person to depress. There is coffee and light and happiness and I am at peace with myself. How awesome is that?

Yeah, whoever thought I’d ever say something like that, but I’m glad that Honeysuckle Weeks got to be the soundtrack to a lot of my self-discovery and reconciliation this year.

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