punk rock smells the way a crowd singing along to ghost mice sounds

Tonight, I went to my first show at Wonderroot, this awesome local community center and art space. A bunch of local bands opened for Ghost Mice. They were all really excellent and I would see most of them again. I also really liked Eric Ayotte, who has a really strong voice and plays the acoustic guitar. He could be an honorary Ghost Mouse and has a beard and was wearing a t-shirt from the National Wildlife Museum. He was really nice to me when I was buying his CD. I think he's touring with Ghost Mice so you can go see him if you get a chance. He has also made some movies.

Ghost Mice were the way I have always remembered them. I first saw them when they were a fairly new band, but still really great because they were just on the heels of The Devil is Electric and Operation: Cliff Clavin. Chris has a big beard and looks like he's aging a bit or maybe putting on some weight, not that it matters. I just didn't recognize him at first. Hannah is just as perky and adorable as ever. This time they played a few new songs, and quite a few classics. Let me tell you, there are few better feelings in the world than being in a small, packed room full of people who all know the words to "I Dare You To Live Forever." At the end, I just wanted to give them hugs. Seeing Ghost Mice always reminds me of what community means and makes me want to live less materialistically. In a lot of ways, they are a band that has changed my life in big ways. <3

If you are local, you should really check out Wonderroot. What a cool little space! They have $5 all ages shows there a few times a week. It seemed like everyone was invested in keeping it a community-friendly space. I met a couple of really cool people while I was waiting for the show to start and between sets.

Enough of that for now. Hope everyone is having a fantastic spring. It is really hot here and the flowers are blooming.


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