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My friend, Charles, who keeps the blog Heartache With Hard Work has just put together a list of his Top 50 Songs of the Decade complete with mp3s. As he points out, these things are kind of an impossible task because inevitably something important gets left off. At the same time, lists like this provide the opportunity for intimate reflections on what is (musically) important to a given person. Given all of that, this list is pretty impressive. Be sure to check it out.

Also, if you haven't clicked on the link in my blogroll already, check out the Stephin Merritt blog, Aging Spinsters, which is maintained by my new friend, Michael. He's done a really great job of keeping up with all of the interviews and reviews of Realism, as well as general trivia and media appearances. Yay for fellow fans of The Magnetic Fields!


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You're far too kind, dear. <3

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