an interwebs hootenanny!

The Magnetic Fields' official Realism tour blog, care of M + E: We're Having a Hootennany.

You may remember Michael and Emma's previous blogging effort for the Distortion tour. Emma's Stephin's personal assistant and together with her husband, Michael, she designs the merchandise that we will all spend a ton of money on not too long from now.

Which leads me to a very short rant: I don't understand what the male and female symbols on the Distortion/Realism covers have to do with the albums. I know both albums play with genre-bending a bit, but the gendered figures seem unnecessary. Especially because, unlike the set of posters accompanying Distortion, the Realism poster doesn't really make use of the album cover's iconography. Other than that, though, I do happen to enjoy the different shades of pink and general minimalism going on here.

Still counting down the days...


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