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There are a lot of great things about Thanksgiving and a couple of not-so-great things.

Not great:
-All of the turkey and ham and animal body fat that goes into the food
-Sometimes having to spend time with people that you don't like

-Really good friends: I'm so thankful for everyone who comes every year and makes my humble little apartment so warm and happy.
-Really good food: Cooking for other people makes me feel really blessed to have good friends. Eating with them makes me feel really lucky to have friends who share my taste in food :) A big thanks also goes out to Quorn for making my favorite vegetarian turkey. It looks like this:

-This weather: I'm considering having Thanksgiving on the porch if it doesn't get too cold. No wonder I've stuck it out in the south for so long

The thing about being an adult is that you have total control over how much of the bad stuff gets in with the good stuff. That isn't to say that you can erase the history of the event, but you can definitely re-appropriate it to show people how well they can eat without having to be cruel. And, if you are like me and stay home to make Thanksgiving dinner for the orphan grad students who are left around the city, you get to decide the guestlist :)

And although there are these kinds of pressures:

Ph.D. Comics

it is nice to take some time off from academic busy work and have a good time.

One last thing to be thankful for: there are still tickets to the Magnetic Fields at Town Hall in NYC for March 10 and 11. I just bought mine and can't wait for spring break!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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