I toss you the keys and say I trust you with my life

I'll post a proper review once I get the album in the mail, but I would like to draw your attention, dear readers, to this fellow who opened for Laura Veirs named Eric and his band, Cataldo. It isn't fair to say that most openers are categorically less pleasant to listen to than this, but we all know it's true. So when I was in the Elvis-shrine vault thing at the venue, waiting for the show to start, and heard Eric's slightly-less-raspy-than-John K. Samson-voice, I was not only pleasantly surprised, but also felt an incredible degree of clarity towards what I was hearing--the kind of expression of identity that most artists wish to convey but that often fails for lack of anything substantive to express. I've blogged many times about the earnestness I hear in this particular genre, but when you add the banjo and a very tall, red-bearded nerdy looking dude from Seattle, it's pretty much a deadly combination. So much so, that I remembered to buy the album this morning when I woke up.


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