The Farewell Drifters

An old friend invited me to see his band come through town about a year ago. I didn't make it out that night but I finally caught The Farewell Drifters this time around and really regretted not going before.

Seeing these guys is like watching a really intimate hootenanny. Predictably, they draw inspiration from a range of genres and their permutations, but I'd say that Nashville country comes out more strongly (and in a pleasantly pleasing way) than folk. Between the two guitars, fiddle, mandolin, upright bass, and occasional banjo, these guys still manage to *all* contribute to the vocals. I can imagine that their practices would be a lot of fun to observe, because even on that stage, they were singing to each other as much as they were to the audience.

Stylistically, they have a good deal of variety and are young enough to appeal to the Uncle Tupelo-loving alt-country hipsters, but all of the old people who'd come out to see Elizabeth Cooke seemed to enjoy them, as well. These kids are amazingly talented and adorable. There's even a mustache involved! Preorder the album and they may even sign it for you!


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